ACK! My bathroom floor (usual vinyl crappy stuff of apts.) is turning black!?

I’ve tried EVERYTHING – bleach cleaners, disinfectants… what will get rid of this? Nothing? If not – how do I deal with my rental company to get them to replace it? Do rental companies allow you to split costs? I’ve done nothing unusual that would have damaged the flooring – I thought it might have been mold/mildew, but since nothing is taking away the black color I’m at a loss.

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5 thoughts on “ACK! My bathroom floor (usual vinyl crappy stuff of apts.) is turning black!?”

  1. Before you commence dealing with the problem, take pictures and make sure they’re date stamped. Present these pictures to your rental company and document when you reported the damage. Keep copies of correspondence and make sure that all dates are referenced, including when you began to notice the problem. You may not need all of this, but you want to avoid them blaming you for the damage after you’ve tried to clean them. Just a thought.

    As far as getting rid of the problem, I suspect a moisture problem. It sounds to me like you need to take up the tiles (or someone does, anyway) to address a possibly greater issue than stained tiles. Should it come down to a need to replacing the tiles (I suspect that it will), I’d suggest porcelain tile. But I would address the possibility of water damage first.

  2. It is getting wet underneath and is molding the vinyl needs to be taken up the mold killed and something that will adhere well put back down on the floor you cannot get to the mold through the vinyl…it is growing underneath..this can be a health concern..

  3. Follow what Rob J suggested. My landlord is really nice and understanding so I wouldn’t have the problem of talking to her about it and being blamed. Unfortunately, not all landlords are saints like mine so taking the proper precautions are necessary.

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