Apartment smells like Mildew, What to do? (Mildew in carpet?)?

I live on the ground floor of an apartment building. The foundation is a concrete slab. In summer it’s humid, and sometimes the kitchen floor actually gets condensation on it. I figure if that’s happening on the kitchen floor, it’s probably happening under the carpet too.
Yesterday I came home and my apartment stank so badly of mildew it started to make me feel ill. The apartment has always sort of had the smell, but it was just awful.
I let in as much sunshine as possible, and generally try to air the joint out as much as possible, but now winter is fast approaching, and I can’t just air it out.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to #1 get rid of the stink, and #2 approach my landlord regarding this.
From what I can tell they must of had some mold troubles in the past cos the lease has all sorts of rules regarding running the fan after you shower (Unfortunately the fan doesn’t suck the air outside, it just rotates it), limiting the number of house plants people have, ect
Thanks for the help. I can’t really tear up the carpet, as it is a rental unit and I don’t want to pe responsible for it. I’m going to try to clean it up a bit and ask my landlord to come over and check it out. Of course I notice it is horrible when my apartment looks like a tornado hit it as I have been out of town for weeks!
BTW: I think the problem is already causing me health problems as I am having horrible headaches and can’t sleep!

Does anyone think a dehumidifier would help once the carpet is either replaced or whatever?

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