7 thoughts on “Best way to remove mildew/mold from outside rubber window trim?”

  1. 20% bleach 80% water rub on wait 5min. rinse ,then let dry and then wipe on armour all this will prevent re-growth of mildew.

  2. A standard window cleaning spray and a sturdy cloth or brillo pad will remove most of the mildew.

    However, to prevent its return, try smearing a layer of vaseline on the window trims. This will seal them off from the air (and fungus spores) whilst not degrading the rubber.

  3. A mild solution of bleach (clorox) kills mildew, so any spray cleaner containing bleach as well would be good. For the glass itself, non scratch Bon Ami works, so try it on one spot of the rubber to see what it does too. After cleaning, silicone spray may keep the problem from returning.


  4. wash it once a month use a wash towel or cleanning mit dry car when wet wax every other month any kind of soap and water wil wash it away my van and car has been outside one is 15 yrs old does not have mold or mildew sorry you have to wash them better thats all

  5. I like environmental friendly products, therefore I will suggest Hertel Plus. It’s amazing in the bathroom and therefore should be great for what you need it for. Spray it on, let it sit for a wee bit and then remove it. Either you use some good elbow grease or if you have a water pressure thing, then go right ahead. Hertel should help to prevent some more mildew to grow back.Good luck!

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