crested gecko tank help!!!?

ok, I checked in my crested geckos tank, when I opened it up it smelled ABSOLUTELY FOUL! I cleaned it so thoroughly, it took me 2 hours to finish this one 10 gallon tank, I sprayed it with a LITTLE bit of natural cleaning spray. I didn’t know if it was harmful to him or not so I didn’t use to much. then I cleaned everything in BOILING hot water! scrubbed every bit of the tank with wet paper towls. I used the entire roll of the stuff! then I filled the bottom of the tank with hot water and scrubbed it all over the tank, then, I sprayed it down with water and scrubbed it yet again, I scrubbed it atleast 10 times and boiled every log or leaf in the tank, even the rock backround! then I put my gecko back in "by the way, I am using paper towl as substrate so it cant be moldy, plus I replaced it" ok so I put my gecko back in, put a few crickets in for him, a half an hour later it smells HORRIBLE again!!!! how do I get rid of this HORRENDOUS ODER! I’ll do anything! please help! it smells of a combination of sweat, mold and salt water it’s terrible and I dont know where its coming from, there WAS a little bit of mold in the tank but I scrubbed this tank SO MUCH! there is not a bit of dirt, mold, or anything left! PLEASE! what do I do!!? I’LL DO ANYTHING TO GET THIS FOUL ODER OUT OF HERE!
I do normally feed him baby food, and I do have a ventalated top, I cleaned everything more than I have ever cleaned anything before! I am taking him out of the cage for a bit because it smells ransid.
fastfoward5k, I also feed him the crested gecko diet, dont worry.
ok, I cleaned it a 2nd time with jurrasi wipes, a reptile tank cleaner.. 20 minutes later.. IT STARTS TO SMELL AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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