crested gecko tank help!!!?

ok, I checked in my crested geckos tank, when I opened it up it smelled ABSOLUTELY FOUL! I cleaned it so thoroughly, it took me 2 hours to finish this one 10 gallon tank, I sprayed it with a LITTLE bit of natural cleaning spray. I didn’t know if it was harmful to him or not so I didn’t use to much. then I cleaned everything in BOILING hot water! scrubbed every bit of the tank with wet paper towls. I used the entire roll of the stuff! then I filled the bottom of the tank with hot water and scrubbed it all over the tank, then, I sprayed it down with water and scrubbed it yet again, I scrubbed it atleast 10 times and boiled every log or leaf in the tank, even the rock backround! then I put my gecko back in "by the way, I am using paper towl as substrate so it cant be moldy, plus I replaced it" ok so I put my gecko back in, put a few crickets in for him, a half an hour later it smells HORRIBLE again!!!! how do I get rid of this HORRENDOUS ODER! I’ll do anything! please help! it smells of a combination of sweat, mold and salt water it’s terrible and I dont know where its coming from, there WAS a little bit of mold in the tank but I scrubbed this tank SO MUCH! there is not a bit of dirt, mold, or anything left! PLEASE! what do I do!!? I’LL DO ANYTHING TO GET THIS FOUL ODER OUT OF HERE!
I do normally feed him baby food, and I do have a ventalated top, I cleaned everything more than I have ever cleaned anything before! I am taking him out of the cage for a bit because it smells ransid.
fastfoward5k, I also feed him the crested gecko diet, dont worry.
ok, I cleaned it a 2nd time with jurrasi wipes, a reptile tank cleaner.. 20 minutes later.. IT STARTS TO SMELL AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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  1. Try feeding the lizard in a separate smaller plastic container with a little unscented kitty litter in the bottom

  2. What kind of minerals/vitamins are putting on the crickets? I know that my Crested’s enclosure started smelling bad when I used a certain brand of vitamins from the pet store (sorry I don’t remember the brand).

    Also, my crested’s LOVED to eat baby-food. You could try this out, it may help the stench go away as it could be caused by the cricket-filled feces. Anyhow, good luck!

  3. Try just leaving everything out of the tank and see if it smells when it’s dry. My guess is that it could be one of your decorations or the silicone in the tank. Also, see if you can pop the black rim off the tank and clean under it. I’m wondering if something got in there that doesn’t want to come out… and it’s rotting.

    If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest re-siliconing the tank. Is it new?? If not, it could be retaining smell from something before.

  4. what is your humidity level? with a lot of humidity and poop, it can be bad. I know you’re pain tho, even after I clean my leopard gecko tank, it stinks. but they find crickets and worms appealing, they probably like the foul smell too. also, you do have a ventilated top don’t you?

  5. Don’t feed just baby food and crickets! You HAVE two feed Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) or your gecko will die a premature death!!!!! If you don’t believe me, ask on these forums: You will get the correct answer (most of the members on this web site are Crested Gecko breeders and own TONS! and will give you correct answers).

    But on to the cage…

    You can get one of those reptile-safe cleaning products (Jurassi-Wipes, Natural Chemistry, etc.). They will get the smell out very good, and very safe. You could also use a 10% bleach, 90% water solution to clean the tank and all its contents. I hope you get the odor out.

  6. the foul smell will be more than likely coming from 3 sources

    1, substrate
    2, live food
    3, fecal matter, ie poo!

    1, so use well rinsed aquatic gravel as a substrate, you dont need to use soil substrate as these gekos live in leafy foliage along the edge of beachs in caledonia, theyre ground type varys from wood, leafy litter soil, gravels shells etc and sand so i dont see any issues aslong as you keep the fine aquatic gravel wet/ Damp the lizerd wont have any problems.

    2, dont feed it live food the complete crested geko diet powder is all
    it needs, as a stable diet recomended by breeders as it could be the live food giving off odour, if you need to feed it live food do it in a seperate feeding tank.

    3, poo! high protein will give of micro methane and make it super smelly super quick, high protein is from feeding the geko too rich food like too much live food treats etc, You can also spot clean the tank this is basically as soon as you see a poop remove it with tweezers and this will prevent it breaking down and causing mould spouts

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