get rid of mold smell in the air?

I have treated the home for mold but can smell it in the air of my home. It is giving me headaches, burns my eyes and nose. It has made me sick to the stomach. How do I get this smell out of the air?
I have cleaned the moldy areas and haven’t had a problem but I smell the mold in the air…what can I do to eliminate the smell?

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  1. You say the house has been treated but you are still sick? If the odor is that bad then you must still have mold growth….please go to a doctor or have your house looked at again.

    You can put bowls of vinegar around the house to absorb odors. There is also a very good product called Zorbx Unscented that is a great odor eliminator and is used in hospitals and nursing homes. I’ve used it to get skunk smell off of my dog and my sister is a nurse at a nursing home and she uses it to spray in patients room to get rid of the feces and urine odor. Zorbx Unscented can be purchased at Lowes or through Amazon.

  2. You have to address the source of the smell, it could be wood or sheet rock, check out the area that was wet and start renovation. Close off this area, wear a face mask and gloves, and rip everything moldy out. Most pro’s who do this will actually wear a respirator, and have a air purification machine running to trap any air borne spores. Mold can bre sprayed in place with a product called Milgo. You may want to hire a pro to address this health issue.

  3. I’m sorry bu I think it’s still "there." Did you locate the source of the water that caused the mold and is that patched up. The mold could be behind dry wall. Mix up a light bleach solution–about a cup to a bucket of water and add a couple drops of original Dawn–it’s okay it won’t have a chemical reaction. Wash everything that you think you’ve cleaned with that. I’d also get a dehumidifier and run that. Get some Lysol spray and spray that around. Air out the area before you do the spraying though so it doesn’t mix with the bleach vapors.

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