Getting rid of mold inside baby grand piano?

My sister, a professional cellist who rarely goes near her piano, was appalled to discover mold inside the instrument – on the wood, the felts, you name it. She is calling in a professional, but I wondered if anyone has ever run into this situation. So, three questions in case you had a similar problem that you had fixed:

How extensive was the mold growth, and where was it located?

How much did the repair cost?

What steps have you undertaken to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again?

(She doesn’t have central air but will install a dehumidifier and air cleansing product that is supposed to nuke mold spores. I’m hoping she will install a window air conditioner, as well.)

Turns out she had been running some kind of air purifying system that turned the mold to dust, so the piano technician simply had to dust the mold off! Whew! I was afraid there would be no singing around the piano this year at Christmas, or duet playing.

Thanks for the response.

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