green mold in the bedroom?

we moved in a house a few months ago. there was no mold on the baseboards. we put my brothers nightstand in a corner. we decided to shampoo the carpits. when we moved the nightstand there appears to be water damage and a little bit of green mold. is this harmfull and how do you get rid of the mold?

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4 thoughts on “green mold in the bedroom?”

  1. 1 Part Bleach 4 Parts water. Sponge it down. If it comes back, call a mold company. Could be harmful if left untreated

  2. Yeah that could be a bio-hazard actually.
    Or its moss. But if its not then that is not good. I suggest getting some sort of household mold remover, i do not know of any names but im sure googleing that should do the trick. If it does not come off with the mold remover, you can just solve the problem with muradic acid, which will eat the shit out of it, but sadly it will probably ruin your floor too. I would say hydrochlorine, but that would destroy the fungus and put a hole in your floor…. and probably anything under it to.

  3. sounds like there may be a broken water pipe in the foundation.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$44

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