Green Tree Frog and Mold in Terrarium. Harmful?

There is a light spiderweb-like mold growing over some of the grass in my vivarium where an American Green Tree Frog lives. I was wondering if anyone who has experience with frogs could tell me if this is potentially harmful, and if so, an effective way to get rid of the mold/fungus. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Green Tree Frog and Mold in Terrarium. Harmful?”

  1. well DUH it’s HARMFULL! Frogs have POUROUS skin, meaning they absorb whatever touches them (which is why it’s not a good idea to handle "pet" frogs all that much). a good way to get rid of it? CLEAN THE CAGE!

  2. Yeah, i was neglectful on caring for a green tree frog I had. I was going through a divorce, so the froggy got fed, but his cage didn’t get cleaned regularly. I should have spent more time with the frog than dealing with my ex :P

    Anyway, I believe Yoda got poisoned because they absorb EVERYTHING through their skin, and the mold stuff is toxic. My new rule of thumb is: If it looks poison, or if it smells poison, keep my lizards away from it.

    Frogs are a pain to take care of because you have so much cage cleaning to do. Just do it regularly, change the substrate.

    Grass you said? clever…is there anyway you trade out the grass? like sod? My recommend would be to cycle the grass and let it dry for a spell.

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