How can I get rid of that pesky black mold stuff in the toilet bowl?

I know, gross question! But I have a problem with excessive mold growing in my toilet.

I have tried everything to get rid of it. Comet, bleach, toilet cleaner, but it seems that within 4 days, it’s back.

Im ready to just install a new toilet cuz this stuff is driving me nuts! It’s grossing me out!

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  1. Pour a gallon of bleach into the bowl and leave it there overnight. Next day pour in ten scoops of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar and flush. Then clean with your regular cleaner. At the first sign of mildew do it again until it stops.

  2. Are you sure it’s mold? If it were mold, bleach would certainly take care of it. I had a friend who told stories of how she had to scrub and scrub and still couldn’t get the black out. . .it turned out it was a degerating rubber float in her toilet.

    Do this. Take the lid off and reach in and put your fingers on any piece of black rubber you see in there. If your fingers come away with residue on them (which isn’t dirty and will be rotten rubber) then that’s the problem. You could scrub til Doomsday and not resolve the issue.

    If you find out that’s it then it’s a simple matter of getting a replacement part, which you should be able to find at any home supply store.

  3. The question is… What is CAUSING it???

    My son is diabetic. When his sugar is unusually high, we grow black mold in the toilet very quickly. If his sugars are reasonable or low, we won’t. If you are growing excessive reoccurring mold, maybe someone in your household is the cause of the problem. Please have your family checked for signs of diabetes.

    You may not think this is a legitimate concern, but the toilet in my master bathroom NEVER grows mold, yet the toilet my son uses does, and VERY quickly (within 2-4 days), when his blood sugars are high. So in our household, it has never been the matter of sediment in the water, but the excessive glucose he "spills" in his urine. If you have more than one toilet, do all of your toilets grow mold? Are they all equally used by the same household members, or not? If only one toilet grows mold, there has to be a reason that is specific to the use of that particular toilet.

    The reason I even suggest checking for diabetes is because bacteria in toilets LOVE "sugar", feeds on it, and grows very rapidly. For a body to rid itself of the excess sugar, it spills out in urine — the higher the blood sugar, the more sugar spilled and the faster the mold grows. If this is the problem, buying a new toilet resolves nothing because in 4 days you’ll be battling black mold again.

    The cheapest and easiest way to check the whole family for glucose in the urine is to purchase Keto-Diastix at the pharmacy (about $8-$12 — saves Dr co-pays and visits) and have everyone in the household use a stick (urinate on it) first thing in the morning. That will tell the whole story. If everyone in the house turns up negative, then the mold could very well be environmental. But, fast growing mold needs a food source and glucose is an excellent food source.

  4. I used to have the same problem. What you have is hardwater build up that is growing algae. I use "The Works" from any dollar store. Pour it in, let it soak, swish, and it’s gone. If you are freaky, you can scrub the toilet every couple of days to stop the build up. If you’re like me, just repeat about 2X a month.

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