How can I get that musty smell out of my dresser drawers?

I recently moved to a very old house. Now, my clothes smell musty and mildew easily. How can I get that musty smell out of my dresser drawers? Also, my house smells of musty old lumber, how can I fix that problem? It is very noticable when you first walk inside.

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8 thoughts on “How can I get that musty smell out of my dresser drawers?”

  1. It sounds like more of a problem than you realize, There has to be a moisture problem a leaking pipe or drainage. If you own the house have a building inspector check it out, if not I would be concerned about black mold and find another place to live Black mold is a legitimate reason to break a lease.

  2. I use drier sheets that have already been used. It seems more effect and less horribly potent then an unused one.

  3. I like to put fabric softner sheet in my drawers. I makes the clothes smell great but use the good kind not the store brands as they have a stronger smell. As for the lumber Im not sure but try Febreeze or Oust becuase it works good on other smells, but may be only a temporary solution to the problem.

  4. We also live in a 125 year old house and have the musty smell also. I have tried about everything and the one thing that works well for me is a product called Damp-Rid. I get it at the grocery store in plastic containers and sit them out in the rooms in places they won’t be seen. I change them about every 2-3 months. You will be surprised at how much moisture they absorb. It doesn’t solve the problem but it does help. Good luck.

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