How can I get the musty smell out of my hair?

I shampoo & condition every day, and blow dry. Yet when I run my fingers through my hair, it smells like musty old smell.

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16 thoughts on “How can I get the musty smell out of my hair?”

  1. Okay, I am guessing you have already switched shampoos and found that it didn’t work so,
    aside from scalding yourself for the sake of trying to get a clean head (by the way, hot water is horrible for your skin and hair. it sucks out moisture and shocks your cuticle on your hair open) you can try something I use.
    I have long hair and if I put it up wet it smells bad (waist length now). I put about 2 tbs. of Dawn in my shampoo. It makes my hair squeeky clean and takes out all bad smells.
    Also, shower in the morning so you don’t sleep on it. If you have long hair, let it dry before you put it up. I know this can take a while, but it is worth it.

  2. try using a different shampoo and conditioner…have you permed or dyed your hair? That might be where the smell is coming from. Try air drying your hair next time

  3. I would try changing your shampoo. If your pulling your hair up alot when its wet that could also be why as well.

  4. that might be sweat.

    also, be sure your next shower is SUPER HOT. you might be showering in water that is not hot enough to kill the germs. If your hair is really long or thick, then the germs will mulitply in the warm water after you get out of the shower!

    So get that hot water deep into that hair and kill all the funk.

    That’s my $.02…

  5. buy some tea tree oil and massage it into your scalp with a good shampoo. Then condition… Don’t blow dry your hair that may help as well If you can’t get tea tree oil go to
    and buy their shampoo and conditioner…
    It smells so good and is really good for your hair…

  6. First, change the brand of shampoo and conditioner you use. Then rinse properly. Blow dry with towel first. If that doesn’t change, I suggest you get Head and shoulders to clean your scalp because the smell doesn’t come from the hair but from the scalp.

  7. i dont blow dry my hair, and you can try hairsprays after. maybe its your towel ! let your hair completely air dry, dont let anything touch your hair after except your hand, hairspray, and a comb !

  8. actually it can be that u make ur hair wet every now and then or u sweat a lot thus that sweat continously would have deposited in ur hairs u should drink plenty of water take regural bath switch to habibs or if still its so get bald and then take proper care by using any other shampoo and continous oiling

  9. ~I would try something different all together. It could be all of the above! Sometimes when all of the product isn’t rinsed out, it leaves a microscopic film and collects dirt and dust especially when you blow dry! It dries it up on the outside but your strands are still moist. Therefore leaving a musty old smell. It’s kinda like leaving the clean laundry in the washer too long! Stinky! The blow dryer is my mortal enemy! My hair is too fragile for that kind of abuse. Maybe yours is too. Well, good luck.~

  10. try adding a little baking soda to your shampoo when u wash your hair. it will strip any build up out and odor too.

  11. Don’t worry, your hair probably smells great but you can’t smell it.. but other people can, trust me. But you can shampoo and wash it everyday… or spray some perfume… but i don’t do that… i spray perfume on my body instead… try to look for shampoos that have long lasting scent

  12. use Bath and Body Works cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner. wash your hair with the shampoo, and then when you’re using the conditioner, but it on every one of you’re hair. and then don’t wash it off just yet, tie your hair up and leave it that way for about five minutes, and then after five minutes, wash it with hot water. (make sure the water is not too cold!!! your hair won’t smell good.) and then wear a towel hat for about 30 minutes!!!
    your hair will smell good, and it’ll look good.

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