how do i get mold off my fish tank?

i went on vacation for a month to florida and i left my fish with an automatich fish feader and when i came back there was mold on the top of the fish tank so does anyone now how i can get rid of the mold will rate best answer

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  1. well first i would just take a sponge and clean it off then u should turn on your filter (if you have a filter) and everything will be fine.
    hope this helps.

  2. just get a clean scruber and a plate the mold is just soggy food that didn’t make it into the tank put the plate under the spot and use the scrubber to move it to the plate do not use cleaners once the area is clean and the food is all gone from the spot the mold will not return

  3. There are a few ways, one is to just wipe it off with a sponge algea rubber, two would to be to use a commerical cleaner, jsut make sure the resedue from it wont affect anything.

  4. I’ve had this problem before. When it is really bad I transferred the water and fish out of the tank into a large container and then completely emptied the tank. I used wamr water and a hard scrub spoinge to remove all of the algae. I then refilled the tank and let the filter run for a couple of days before replacing the fish. It seems over the top but it did the job great.

  5. pick it off with your fingernail. or just use a little scrubber or a kleenex or something. its just mold, it shouldnt be too hard to get off of the glass or the top of the aquarium.

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