How do I get mold out of my bedsheets?

I have noticed tiny black spots on isolated areas of my bedsheets and pillow cases. They appear to be mold. They start out as pin-sized black spots and grow larger in a diamond shape. I have tried washing in hot water and bleach and they disappear for about a week and then begin to return. They don’t appear to be on mattress or pillows -just on sheets and more on the side where I sleep. Where did this come from and how do I get rid of it? I would toss the stuff, but it belongs to an expensive bed set, so I really want to save it.

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  1. You did not state if the sheets were white or colored. If white, there is NOTHING better for removing mold stains (clothing/sheets/on woodwork/on ceilings/etc than just plain clorox. I usually mix water with clorox (1/4 clorox and the rest water) and spray it on to kill the mold. If the bedsheets (getting back to the subject)are white, just add clorox in your washer as requested and the stains should be gone..

  2. maybe your house has should check for moisture around your bedroom and house.and also check for leaks in the floor boards,a pipe could be leaking water.mold grows in damp areas.

  3. Try color safe bleach. Were sheets in a wet isolated room without any ventilation. If you can’t remove the mold, throw it away no matter how expensive they are!!

  4. Before you toss it, use other sheets for awhile. If it doesn’t show up on other sheets, toss it; if it shows up on other sheets also, then you need new pillows and probably a new mattress.

  5. That sounds more like bed bugs (for real) than mold. Toss it all if thats the case. You know, I’d toss it all anyway whether it’s mold OR bedbugs. When you get your new mattress, invest in a plastic liner, because you’re either wizzing in the bed or sweating profusely. I know this won’t get picked as best answer (obviously), I’m just letting you know, straight up.

  6. I am having the same problem with my baby’s bed. She sweats like crazy when she sleeps, so we flipped her pillow. A week later we found mold on the bottom of her pillow. I was horrified. That’s possibly the cause, but I’m still looking for a way to prevent it.

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