how do i get mold/mildew out of a pink baby blanket?

i found my daughters pink baby blanket and it has mold/mildew from sitting in a pile after being wet (yea i know should’ve taken care of it when it got wet) the blanket it like sweater material. I have tried washing it with Biz, what else can I try? I have heard vinegar but what kind white or apple cider and how much do i put in the washing machine with it. Any other suggestions would be great.

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3 thoughts on “how do i get mold/mildew out of a pink baby blanket?”

  1. I would try using color safe bleach first. Mold is a hard one to get out. My son had a burp rag and it got mold on it (it fell behind the couch and I found it later when I was cleaning, I know its gross) and I had to wash it several times with detergent and color safe bleach.

  2. Try using borax mixed with peroxide, then wash as usual.

    You should let it soak in for about a half hour.

  3. I would begin by soaking it in an anti-bacterial washing-up liquid
    and see what happens after that!

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