How do I get rid of musty smell in crib mattress?

I bought a used crib mattress and it smells really musty, kind of like a dirty house. I let it air out outside for a week and cleaned it with lysol disinfectant, but the smell won’t go away. Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “How do I get rid of musty smell in crib mattress?”

  1. Wipe it down with some straight white vinegar then rinse well. You don’t want to use any harsh chemicals.:)

  2. If you have a Sam’s Club near your home go there and buy some "ODABAN". This is the best cleaner and deodorizer made. You can clean with with and you can put it in your washer. You will love it. It works wonders.


  3. Mix some white vinegar with water and wipe it thoroughly. When it dries you can spray it with some lavender oil mixed with water also. This should clean the mold and remove the bad smells.

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