How do I get rid of Shower curtain mold?

I have noticed that where water and soap splashes on the curtain, dark patches come up. How do I get rid of this or how can I treat a shower curtain so this does not happen? or should one change the curtain a couple of times a year, like 4 times a year or so?

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  1. Firstly, buy a fabric one (or semi-fabric) instead of a plastic one. Although the fabric one will keep the water in it until it dries out, you can throw it in the laundry once a week. Most are covered with something like scotch gard so the water will bead off and shed away as best as possible. Wash the shower curtain in the laundry with some vinegar and bleach (if it is colour safe) or some baking soda. Throw it in with all your towels.

    If it is a plastic one, you can fill the tub with warm water and some bleach and swish it around. I personally find that even with doing that, the plastic curtains still get that brown/pink stain in places where the water sits and gets trapped. I was fed up with looking at that so I just got a fabric one. I found I was replacing the plastic ones every 4 mos. Get a fabric one, you should not have to replace it if you wash it.

  2. Throw it away and buy a new one. Try to leave the curtain closed after you shower. It will enable it to dry out. Spray with a bleach and water solution once a week.

  3. I usually soak my shower curtain once a week with water and bleach right in the bath tub. Leave it in for about half hour then light scrub it with a bath tub brush.

  4. Well, a cloth shower curtain can be washed, while the mold stain may not come out, you will be able to get rid of any smell associated with it. With any shower curtain you should also be using a shower curtain liner (a plastic clear curtain) and these plastic ones should be changed a couple times a year. As a helpfull hint, after your shower, pull the curtain up so that it is not sitting in any residual water from your shower. You can also wipe it down right away to keep the water off. More or less what is happening is the bottom part of the shower curtain not only gets the most water, but also sits in the wettest part of of your shower (the floor). So, with that being said, take your good outer shower curtain and put that on the outside of your tub so that it does not get wet. Take the shower curtain liner ($4.99 tops) and keep that one IN the shower so that the water does not get on the floor. Dry it off or hang it up. This will protect your decorative shower curtain while offering you a cheap fix to that mould that collects in all of our showers after time.

  5. You can rinse your shower stall with bleach (if it’s not fiberglass), and replace the shower curtain liner 4 times a year. dry the inside of the shower/tub after each use- using a chamois cloth.

    I’ve added a link with more in-depth information for you. I hope it helps!

  6. Depending on the material of the curtain – you can put them in the washing machine with a little clorox and it will come clean. You can also spray the spots with a cleaning solution an let it sit a few minutes then rinse with warm water.

  7. some shower curtains are mildew and mold resistance for 1 year. I bought mine at BBB three years ago, but now I have to clean them about every two month or so. You can always put it in the washer and then hang dry in the shower or just have a fan going at the curtain after you take a shower.

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