How do I permanently get rid of mold/mildew on my bathtub?

I’ve used bleach for quite some time now, but it just keeps coming back. I use the fan after and during showers and baths. Why does it keep coming back and how do I get rid of it?
I do that, not with the rag just pouring it on the mold/mildew. It still comes back after a few this normal then? It’s the first bathroom that I’ve had where this happens.
Sue..It’s in an apartment…all around the tub where the caulking lays. It’s been replaced several times, yet to no avail.

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5 thoughts on “How do I permanently get rid of mold/mildew on my bathtub?”

  1. This is tough. If the ventalation in the bathroom is not great after showering this stuff will continue to grow. I have been using Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator and Remover and I can go at least 3 weeks without seeing any traces of mildew. It’s really easy because you can spray it on and not have to scrub it. Your next bath or 5 minutes later…run the shower and it will clean the chemicals out.

    You’ll love it!!

  2. BLEACH!! get a rag soak it in bleach and leave it on the mold/mildew …for a good day in order for it to go away.

  3. I am not really answering, because I have the problem on the ceiling. Where the vent is, there is no mold, but next to it, a whole line of mold. I have scrubbed with bleach but it comes back. Help.

  4. If you wash it down with "DETTOL" disinfectant which is a British product ,it will not re-appear. It would be better to leave it on overnight. Hope that this is of help to you.

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