How do I prevent mildew/mod from coming back under the roof eaves? Roof is not leaking in those area! I did?

Under the roof eaves, I noticed mildew / mold coming back again. I did apply bleach a couple years ago and the mold appears to be showing again. Any better way to get rid of the mold? Thanks in advance.

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5 thoughts on “How do I prevent mildew/mod from coming back under the roof eaves? Roof is not leaking in those area! I did?”

  1. You can’t it will keep growing back. I live in Washington state with a lot of trees and rain. Mold is every where it is an air born spore and if your neighbors have it on their eaves and the wind blows the little things will land under your eaves and start growing again. You may have to bleach every couple of years. I used to be a painting contractor and we tried every thing but the best is bleach. In-ground sprinklers and large trees will add to problem.

  2. improve the ventilation in your attic by adding some can vents or a ridge vent.also make sure you soffit vents are not blocked

  3. You have a vent problem, and you might go to the hardware store and get some preventative spray. But until you get rid of that moisture, it isn’t going to help much.

  4. I will assume that you are referring to a soffett area and that the substrate is wood. What you need is a waterproof barrier coating that will seal out moisture preventing mildew and mold. I suggest 1 Part Epoxy by Top Secret Coatings, which is available in 220 colors plus clear and available on Top Secret’s online store. It is a barrier coating that is fully waterproof (vs water resistant) that is easy to apply, non-toxic and long lasting. You will want to begin by killing the mold and mildew by cleaning with a bleach and water solution. Once throughly dry simply brush roll or spray it on according to label diections. Its high flexiblity allows it to move with the wood as it expands and contracts with the ambient moisture eliminating the possibility of cracking and peeling making it preferable to shellac, varnish or urethane.

  5. the black mold/milder survives off the latex paint. you can add midlew cide to new paint, but it will wear off. It’s probably only on 2 sides of the house too. stick w/ bleach, & or bleach & lye, ( deck cleaner – scale, chalking & debris will harbor new growth – this will eat it off & leave shine paint )

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