How do i remove mold from a plant without killing the plant?

How do i remove mold from a plant without killing the plant? I have some bamboo that is growing mold on the side. I want to remove the mold without effecting the bamboo. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Aphids – Black Sooty Mold / Fungus

    The most common ailment to bamboo is sooty mold, which is cosmetic and does not harm the plant. Aphids secrete a nectar which the ants harvest. Sooty mold grows on the fecal residue of the aphids. The best way to prevent the sooty mold from getting started is to control the ants. Ant stakes or Spectracide granules and other approved products work well to keep the ants away from your bamboo. Insecticidal soap can be also used to kill the aphids.

    Affected plant with black sooty mold on the leaves
    Mealy Bugs – Black Sooty Mold / Fungus
    Leaves have white, cottony splotches and then have black sooty fungus on the leaves and nodes of the plant. Contact spray usually does not work because it does not reach the spots where they hide. The best treatment for this is Orthonex (or a similar systemic insecticide).
    Mealy Bug on a bamboo node with Black Sooty Mold / Fungus all around.

  2. I have never heard of a situation like this, but from my logic mold grows from water staying in a spot for a certain amount of time. Try limiting their water supply, or by watering more to the bottom of the stem, if this doesn’t work after several days, you may want to pull the mold off with your fingers, although this is a very long process and will take too long if you have a large amount of bamboo. If you do take the mold of with your fingers, continue to water your bamboo at the bottom of the stem.
    ~Hopefully it helps~

  3. Mold is a fungus and is not normally harmful to plants although it sometimes is an indication of excess moisture in the soil. If the mold is in the soil, scrape it off and any loose soil in the immediate vicinity. This removal will not harm the plant unless the mold roots (mycelium) have spread throughout the root system.

    Are you sure it is mold? A lot of folks mistake mealybugs and other things for mold.

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