How to clean mold inside dishwasher?

I just recently got this dishwasher and the inside is really bad it has mold all over and the bottom of it has stuff that looks like gray dust balls. The lady I got it from was disabled and not able to clean it. So if you can help that would be great. thanks

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5 thoughts on “How to clean mold inside dishwasher?”

  1. you could just run it through a cycle & dump in a cup of clorox bleach after each fill, or you can buy a product (such as Dishwasher Magic) that is made for this.

  2. you can buy a bottle of cascade (dishwasher cleaner )not dish cleaner its pretty new it works I had the same problem
    but you might have water sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher thats causing moisture to build up
    so check that too or the problem will return.
    w/ the dishwasher system cleanser you run it thru a cycle
    by its self no dishes. I bought it at target.
    good luck……

  3. If you are wanting a natural cleaner use vinegar in place of bleach along with dish detergent.

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