4 thoughts on “How to get mildew off of painted wood furniture?”

  1. the easiest way is to find an old spray bottle (windex bottle) and fill it with 2/3 bleach and 1/3 water. Spray that on the mold, let it set for a few minutes, then wipe it off. The chairs will look brand new. But wear rubber gloves because the bleach can burn your skin…and do this outdoors because you don’t want to breath the fumes either. Whatever you do, don’t try to paint over the mold.

  2. The mildew is more than likely deep into the paint. You can try bleach water, but if it’s really bad I would look at Home Depo for a mildew remover or just call them first. You may have to end up stripping the chairs and repainting. If you do repaint and they are staying outside get a mildew resistant paint or prime with a mildew resistant primer before painting.

  3. the cheapest thing to do is use bleach and hot water but if the does not work and sometimes it doesn’t then go to your paint store and but a product called t.s.p. " tri sodium phosphate "
    it sounds bad but is safe to use. or there is another one call Spray Nine that hospitals use it is also a really good product

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