How to get Mold/Mildew off an old Doll?

It’s one of those dolls that have a plastic head, and then a cloth body.

You can see an image of it here:

As you can see, there’s what appears to be mold/mildew on the right arm, and there’s tiny black spots on the hand as well.

We know we can’t wash it, as well, it’s head is plastic, but it’s very sentimental for me, so I can’t bring myself to throw her out.

I’m wondering if anyone knows the best way to deal with this? We tried hot water and oxy-clean, to try to help get rid of any hazards the mold might have, and we have her sitting in a windowsill to get sunlight and air on it. (Can’t put outside on a line, too many cats are out there :S)

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