How to get rid of moisture around the window sill?

I have two sets of windows that are on the north side of my house. They are down low towards the ground. I just noticed that in the winter there is a lot of moisture that developes at the bottom. This has now caused mold to develope around the bottom edge of the window and window sill. How do I get rid of the mold? Also how do I stop the wondows from creating moisture during the winter, aside of rotating my house?

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  1. I do not think this is a serious problem. It happens all the time in cold weather, even with thermopane windows. Look at any 30 year old house, and the wood near the bottom of the window has suffered, unless the owner keeps up the finish fastidiously.

    What I would do is to defend agains the inevitable moisture. After cleaning things up, carefully sand the area lightly. If painted, Put a new coat of gloss paint on the trim. Go ahead and get it on the glass — it’ll come right off with a razor blade. Make sure to get paint right up to the glass. If stained wood, just put on a new coat or two of polyeurethane.

    Mold does not like gloss paint nor poly.

  2. Replace the windows with thermopane windows. Make sure they are well sealed to prevent cold air coming in.

  3. You can use either vinegar and water or bleach and water to clean the mold. The only way to prevent this is to either replace the windows or to put plastic film over them in the winter. Sometimes, even with new insulated windows if the humidity is too high this will still happen. One teenager taking two forty minute showers a day can do this.

  4. If you have mold forming around your window sill then it could be leaking into the drywall as well. If I were you I would cut a strip of drywall from around the window and take a look at how it was sealed as well as if there is any mold growing on the drywall. If the window is sealed correctly then your windows are crap and should be replaced with a thermal glass based window. Even minimum quality thermal windows sealed correctly will not produce enough moisture to produce mold.

    If you don’t know what to do to accomplish this, then call a professional to do it for you. You could have a very serious problem on your hands.

  5. In cold weather, you really can’t prevent mold on the window sill. Just clean it regularly with vinegar and water or soap and water, and in spring it should dry out again.

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