how to get rid of standing water and sewage under house?

I have a pipe busted under my house which we believe is the drainage pipe to the waste water for my kitchen sink and washing machine. This has caused standing water under the house with like a sewage type smell and black and gray stuff. We have a sumb pump to get rid of the water, but how do we get rid of the black and gray stuff in the water and the smell? This is also creating the smell to come up into the house through the heating and air conditioning vents. Please keep in mind we only have a crawl space with plastic down under the house as well and their is a dehumidifier under the house, but it will not work properly with as much water that is under there and will eventually create mold if we don’t get rid of it. One person told us to pull the plastic back and put sand down and then put plastic back over it and another person told us to dig a hole and cover up the stuff and then put the plastic back down, but to me that seems like that would just make the smell stay there and eventually come back. Please help!!!

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