how to get rid of wallpaper?

i got the decorative side off and now im left with yellow paper glued to my walls, ive tried soaking it but there is dry wall under it so that gets wet and one section started to mold so i removed it and using a scraper to get it off seems to do more damage, am i doing it wrong or is there an easier way

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  1. I won’t say it’s easier, but here’s a way that has worked for me. Removing wallpaper is a real chore.

    Find a wallpaper scoring tool to perforate the paper. I use one called a Paper Tiger, but there are others that will work well, too. Use it to lightly poke holes in the paper.

    Fill a plant mister with warm water, and add a splash or so of fabric softener. Mix well, and mist a strip or two of the wallpaper with this solution. Wait 5 minutes, and mist the next section. Then use the scraper to remove the first section of paper. When that’s done, mist the next section, and scrape section # 2. Work your way down the wall this way.

    When it’s all done, mist the whole wall with clean, warm paper to soften the residual glue, and use a wide scraper (like a 6" wide one) and scrape most of the glue off. Finally, use a bucket of clean, warm water, and wash the walls down with a sponge or rags. Keep feeling the wall as you work to remove the glue. If it feels slick, there’s still glue there.

    When all the paper and glue is gone, repair any damage, dings, etc, and you’re ready to prime and paint.

  2. If it wont come off easily for you I’d suggest stopping and calling an expert… They will come out free of charge and give you an estimate to repair it and tell you if it’s possible to even take the paper off w/o destroying the drywall… If the paper was hung directly on the drywall w/o the drywall being painted first, it a good bet that it will not come off because the glue has seeped into the paper/pores of the drywall and you’ll be ripping off the face paper of the drywall (and end up with brown hairy looking under-paper)… If it was painted – the paper should come with off no problems with a little warm water and some elbow grease. Back in the 80’s they had some wallpaper glue that is nearly impossible to remove and usually the case ends up being complete replacement of drywall…
    Hope this helped a bit – good luck!

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