how to remove black mold from pontoon boat carpet and how to stop mold from returning?

every summer i get black mold just on indoor outdoor carpet on my pontoon boat it is hard to remove can anyone out there give an insight on how to prevent black mold and is there any cleaning agent that will remove mold easily

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    1. Here’s a webpage I use with a bunch of home brew recipes and ideas for removing mold in your car. There’s also a lot of commercial products that remove or inhibit mold growth at your local auto parts store.

    2. mold and mildew both require moisture. cold and damp are their favorite places to grow.

      make sure the boat is clean and dry, and cover it properly in a tented fashion that water just runs right off of.
      and definetly dont let the cover turn into a pool pushing against the carpet, moisture and lack of airflow makes a very damp place.

    3. Bleach mixed with water. It wont bother you carpet if you mix it with even the slightest bit of water.

    4. you could try diluting bleach & water, that will break up the mold but might discolor the carpet. but as for prevention you could try spraying tilex mold and mildew cleaner heavly onto carpets before you store the boat for the season, then spraying off with water at begining of next season. might help to prevent it from building up. good luck

    5. Give these products in the link below a try. These cleaners and preventatives are made for the damp environments that molds need to grow. The Preventative is engineered for boating use, and is eco friendly. I use these products on my Sport Boat and the carpeting to get rid of mold & it’s stains. I use a power washer to pre-clean everything, then spray on after things dry out.

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