5 thoughts on “How to remove mold and mildew stains from stroller canopy?”

  1. I had black mildew stains on a baby swing cover that we used in the backyard. I bleached the beck out of that thing, and the little black stains remained. I gave the swing away to someone who was willing to sew a new cover.

  2. Dissolve one part bleach in four parts water. Use it with a soft brush and rinse well. That dilution shouldn’t bleach any color out of anything, but will do wonders on the mildew.

  3. Don’t use bleach, not only will it stain it, but the smell of bleach will last a very long time and if you’re anything like me the smell of bleach will give you a headache after while. Instead you can use baking soda, it’s odorless and chemical free and it will even help absorb any odors that may be in the canopy. Another option is simple green, it works a little better than baking soda and it won’t stain or leave any smelly residue.

  4. You can try using a little color safe bleach, but if its got quite a bit of mold, its safest to just simply replace the part all together.

  5. I used to be TC in cleaning and laundry and this question came up a lot.

    I know this is not what other moms will tell you but here it goes…

    1. you do not want to use harsh chemicals on the stroller to stick with good old water and vinegar.
    2. In a spray bottle pour 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. Spray the mixture on the canopy and make sure it’s completely saturated. Let it sti for 15 mins
    3. Then with a little light dish soap (crystal white works the best) and a sponge wipe down the whole canope and rinse with the garden hose.
    4. If there are a few black spots still there repeat the first 3 steps.

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