how to remove mold from cinder block walls?

i am redoing me basement and i noticed in the corner there is mold on the walls i wanted to no what i could do to get it off completely and after that do i need to do anything else before painting it? thanks

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    1. To remove the mold I recommend to scrub the area with an antifungal disinfectant, preferably an alcohol based product.

      But, more importantly why do you have mold growing on the wall in the first place? Did you have a flood in the basement? A leak? Many basements are humid, thus the ideal environment for mold growth. You can buy a moisture meter at may hardware stores for less than 20 dollars. Make sure that the humidity in your basement is maintained below 50%. Also, check the exterior of that corner of the house. Are all gutters and leaders operational and clean? Is the ground sloped away or towards the building? If it is sloped towards the home then correct it. The key is to determine the underlying cause and correct it, or mold growth is likely to recur.

      Good luck -

    2. 1.) Spraying with bleach is the best thing to kill it.

      2.Use Drylock. Do not paint over Drylock. If you do, then you can never apply Drylock again, as it will not penetrate the paint.

      3.) Also, don’t try to scrape it too much because it might ruin the walls. Use a spronge that has the two sides (one smooth and rough)

      :) good luck

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