I have been making sauerkraut in a crock. How do I know it is ready to can and do you can everything in there?

It has a thick ring of mold around and on the plate. If I remove the mold and the plate does everything else go in the jars or do you get rid of the top juices and smushy kraut?
Yes, I have canned before. Just never canned kraut.

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4 thoughts on “I have been making sauerkraut in a crock. How do I know it is ready to can and do you can everything in there?”

  1. We did sauerkraut in a wine barrow. We did a layer of fresh shredded cabbage and a small layer of onions sprinkle with salt . Put two pieces of wood to cover it and a huge heavy rock to weight it down. It was in our garage and after a day or two it started to settle and the smushy juice was skimmed off. We placed it in sanitary jars and placed in the refrigerator when we wanted to use it. It had a very good flavor not like store bought.

  2. You need to get a canning pot or a pressure cooker to do this….I am confused by the mold….have you ever canned before?

  3. Interesting. Wow two canning questions on the same day. In this case you do not need to pressure can the kraut because there is enough acid to keep the pH below 4.5. The mold bothers me a little because it means there is oxygen present (no oxygen, no mold) and kraut should ferment anaerobically ( without oxygen). I would suggest you taste the kraut to make sure you didn’t get some wild fermentation going because of the oxygen. If it tastes ok then go ahead and can it or just seal it in bags and keep it in the refrigerator. It will keep for quite a while. If you decide to can it you can use some of the juice from the fermentation in the jars.

    Good luck. My first Professional job after graduate school was in a sauerkraut factory.

    PhD Food Chemistry and Nutrition

  4. I know that my parents used to make Kraut in barrels, using lots of Salt, but, other-than remembering it took a long time to cure, can’t remember if they then put it in jars or left it in the barrel or what; all I remember was that it was some darn good eating.

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