I have mushrooms growing through my carpet?!?

I’m only 17, so anyway, in my sisters bedroom there are mushrooms growing THROUGH THE CARPET! It’s so gross. Anyway, I think there’s like a leaky shower or something so that COULD be the cause of it. Now I’m wondering how I remove it. Is there some sort of spray I should buy? Or do I have to rip off the carpet and stuff? D: And if there is mold under the carpet on the floor thing or whatever, is there something I could just spray on it to get the mold removed/ >.< or do I have to literally get rid of the floor piece or whatever? :( And could I get sick and die if I don’t get rid of the mold? My mom is all saying she can’t afford having a professional come over to get this checked out but I’m worried. :[

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  1. First, mushrooms are only the ‘flowers’ (fruiting bodies) of the actual plant – so your carpet is pretty much shot through with the fungus – which will be under/around/all through the carpet and floor underneath. That will be a lot of material. You can kill it, there are lots of fungicides that will do that, but you will still be left with the majority of the material which will decay with subsequent odors. It takes more than water for this level of activity to start – usually some level of organics (spilled sugary drinks, food and so forth) are required. Nor did this happen overnight. Molds can make one sick – but if no one in your household is reacting badly now, it is unlikely that you will at this point _IF_ you take care of the problem promptly and effectively. But if those mushrooms start to sporulate – you will have a house full of much nastier allergens. All bets are off at that point.

    The best thing to do is remove the carpet, padding and so forth and get rid of it, clean the floor below with bleach or some other strong fungicide, allow it to dry out and then start over. Of course, look for any water leaks or window/wall leaks. And for a new floor, I suggest one of the interlocking laminates that are out there. They are relatively easy to install, easy to keep clean and also relatively inexpensive.

    By the way, the largest organism on earth happens to be a fungus – that also gives mushrooms. There is a link below so you get the idea.

  2. Move everything out of the room and rip the carpet out and throw it away. PRONTO !
    Bare floors are far better than poison carpet.
    If mom whines, get a gallon of paint and paint the floor.

  3. The carpeting should be pulled up to at least check for mold. That can be some pretty serious stuff. If your renting the house then the landlord needs to know and they should be paying for someone to come and check things out and get it taken care of. If your buying the house then your mom should have homeowners insurance that should cover this disaster. Either way there should be minimal cost for your mom.

  4. The first thing that needs to be done is eliminate the source of the water. Then remove the carpet, take outside in the sun, deep clean it and the pad and once dry put back in the house if not full of black mold.

  5. I assume your sister is younger and not growing shrooms for her personal use, what is dangerous by the way.
    So this out of the way….the shower leak must be fixed appropriately….your mom should ask a friend / family member or find a handyman for the repairs…in the meantime move your sisters bed to a different location so she will not be sleeping over the mildew and fungus since this can have serious health implications and can make her very sick.
    The next step would be to pull up the carpet and dry the wet location out during the summertime you could just use a fan and open the windows in the room….the mildew can be cleaned up with bleach or clorox , however as long as the source (the water leak) is not fixed it will keep coming back. If needed you guys can contact me and I will try to walk you or your mom through it on fixing the leak if possible, if you guys are in our local area we even could come and help you guys out .


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