6 thoughts on “I keep getting green mold in my closet on the corner of my walls and ceiling. How to get rid of &why have it?”

  1. I don’t know if green mold is related to the black mold that many homes are plagued with but you have dampness coming into the house from someplace. You should GOOGLE the green mold and see if it is as dangerous as the black variety. Black mold causes serious respiratory conditions and I can’t imagine that green mold can be a whole lot healthier. You can have your home tested to see what is going on. You really need to have it checked out before it becomes a serious condition; once it gets started in your home it just continues to grow until you have it destroyed. In all SERIOUSNESS you should have it professionally inspected because it could take more serious measures to get rid of than you can do yourself.

  2. well some time it is caused by to much dampness in the room. to get rid of it ,this only lasts a little while use blech and scrub where the mold is it might take a little bit of elbow grease but it should work

  3. The mold is caused by dampness. Do you have a leaking pipe? Mold is dangerous to yer health. To get rid of it, wash the wall w/ bleach. If it returns, call the landlord or a plumber.

  4. Check at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

    You have it because of dampness.

    There’s a paint product for such cases. It’s called Kilz.

    Here’s the answer to a similar previous Yahoo! question:
    Make sure you aren’t using a latex based Kilz. Use original Kilz. BUT, if the wall is not completely dry and not damp, nothing will paint over it. Also, if the dampness bleeds through the Kilz, get a high quality paint, preferably EXTERIOR even for inside, and paint over it. Even if the color bled through the Kilz, the best exterior paint will cover with no bleed. Try Lowes, they have a good paint that isn’t quite as pricey as some of the top name paints.

    Member comment:
    Used Killz latex 2 coats, then Killz Oil, no luck. Posted here–Put on a good quality high coverage ceiling paint, and no bleed through after 24 hours. Hopefully I am on the right track.

  5. the first thing you need to do is determine where the moisture is coming from. is the corner on an exterior wall? if so, i would imagine that your gutters are clogged or have improper drop. this will cause water to pool in an area, and it has to go somewhere, which will be the path of least resistance. water also adheres to surface tension. look for these signs outside of the home. if they are there, chances are you have a bigger problem than mold in your closet. there will be additional damage to the sheeting of the house, and perhaps rot to the framing. in these cases the drywall will have to be removed for proper repair, and the mold will go with it.

    short fix = bleach wash, but will come back when the moisture does.

  6. You may want to check that your roof isn’t leaking or that you don’t have a pipe somewhere that is leaking water. You may have a pretty big problem on your hand. If your room is on the top floor, I’d go up into the attic to see if you see any leaking from the room above where your closet is.

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