Is my moldy coffee pot trash now?

I found this link about cleaning mold out of the water chamber.

My husband made coffee like 2 months ago and never emptied the filter, and there was mold. I can clean the filter basket easily enough but it looks like there’s some mold on the surface of where the water pours from the chamber to the basket. I’m not sure if there’s any where the coffee pours out into the decanter but I’m guessing there’s at least trace amounts, which I can probably scrub decently with a bottle brush and a tiny amount of bleach. The above article says that vinegar won’t get rid of mold. Do you think if I bleach anything that’s accessible, rinse well, and then run the cycle with vinegar and a couple more times with plain water, that it will be clean again? Or do I need to toss it and buy a new coffee maker? Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Is my moldy coffee pot trash now?”

  1. bleach kills mold so if you use bleach it will kill it. don’t worry about it. food mold really isn’t that bad a thing. you eat it all the time but just don’t realize it. however if you’re really freaked out the solution you stated in your question will rid the coffee filter holder and pot of mold.

  2. try running distelled vinger through the coffee machine and then follow by 1 pot of straight water to rinse through machine vingar will clean just about anything it might stink a little but it will go away if it is really bad I would throw away and go buy a new coffee machine and remeber to only make coffee your going to drink and throw out any other .

  3. Bleach kills mold… just run some warm water n bleach through it like you would make coffee. it should be fine

  4. Your cleaning plan should do the trick.

    Any tiny amount of mold left over won’t be enough to hurt anyone.

  5. Don’t use bleach on anything you will have food in. Use vinegar as the coffeepot instructions recommend.

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