Mildew smell from wet soil under house, How to get rid of it?

Due to the rain this year, the ground under our home is moist and smells of mildew or mold. Whenever we return after a few hours out of the house the smell is bad. What can be done. This is a rental so we cannot spend a lot of money.
Thanks from Dallas Texas

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6 thoughts on “Mildew smell from wet soil under house, How to get rid of it?”

  1. Powdered ag lime from your local farm supply store. Just sprinkle the white powder on the ground and it will neutralize the smell. It’s commonly used on decaying bodies. If it works there, it will kill the mold smell. It’s inexpensive also.

  2. Is there plastic vapor barrier layed down,and the other is if there are enough vents to get a cross draft to dry it out..

  3. If you have central air and are accumulting moisture from the drain pan, you should have been instructed to periodically pour a little bleach through a PVC pipe left in place for that purpose. If the problem is chronic – go to the local mission and hire a "grunt" to crawl under and dig a square pit for a sump. Build a square frame three inches smaller than the whole, and fill the space with ready-mix concrete — buy a sump pump (half-horse should do the job). Run it to a plug somewhere convenient, or have it hard-wired with a handy switch. Leave it on all the time – the pump will automatically turn on when there is an inch of water in the sump – (sump should be in the lowest place you can find under your house)–
    the switch is so you can turn it on and off in order to service it without lying in the wet while electricity is running (safety first) –
    In a very short while your house will be dry – Then, using a hose and spray attachment at a 10 – 1 ratio, spray the mildew areas under the house with 20 percent solution vinegar -available only at the Garden store – not salad vinegar (which is 5percent)!

  4. Lime will probably work for the smell but I would also be calling the landlord and getting them to install vents and/or a moisture barrier! I dont know what your feelings are on renting but I rent as well and the least little problem I am calling, I pay too much to not have a perfect, safe home.

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