Mold in my Air Ducts (Vents)?

I just purchased a home 5 months in South FL and the past owner didn’t run AC to much. Well I was cleaning out the Air Ducts ( vent ) and there is mold on them, in each room. What is the easiest solution to get rid of this? This is South FL so it is a problem alot of people have cause of the heat and what not. Thank You :)

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  1. HVAC Tech.: In Texas we have companies that clean air ducts and remove mold. You probably have similar ones in Florida. A word of caution , you need to find out what kind of mold(s) you are dealing with and make sure the solution you apply to the problem is the right one. Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your new home!

  2. The cheapest most effective way to kill mold is bleach and water. The biggest obstacle is cleaning inside the piping you can’t reach by hand. If you are trying to avoid hiring a professional you may be able run a plumbing snake through the pipes and attach rag soaked with bleach and water and pull it back through. Just a thought good luck

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