Mold on LCD screen (laptop)?

My hp laptop is growing or appears to be growing mold on it. Its along side of the LCD screen, on both the left and the right side. Barely noticeable but its there, you can see tiny spores of mold. Now how do you fix this? I’ve taken apart the laptop LCD bezel and taken out the screen, but the "mold " appears to be under the plastic (screen) and on top of the LCD panel. As far as i can tell theres no safe way of removing the plastic(screen) from the LCD. Now its only noticeable when there is a really bright colour up or just plain white but its annoying (not to mention tacky/unsanitary) and i think (but not sure ) thats its slowly spreading. Its never been near water but i did leave close to an a/c unit for about three weeks. Moved it to a safer spot after i noticed tiny spores.

So how do i fix this or am i doomed, pls note im very good w/ tools and have no fear of taking apart the lappy.

Its a hp dv2660se out of warranty.

Also afraid to replace the screen b/c of the way the growth appears to be going, up and down the sides, i think that somehow even w/ replacing the screen there maybe left over spores that could just reintroduce growth back onto a new screen, for now i just want to clean and get rid of the existing problem.

Any help / recommendations would be appreciated.

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