Mold On My Furniture: How Do I Get Rid Of This Mold?

I really don’t want to get rid of the antiques, and some I won’t. But how do I get rid of the mold growing. It is even growing on the window sills. The only thought that I have (besides water and bleach-and I am AFRAID to try it on the wood) is to get central air. Does insurance cover this, and is there any hope out there. All we have are antiques passed down from the 1800’s, I could care less about the rest. What do I do?

We currently have a dehumidifier running (non-stop) in the basement and are going to get another one this weekend. With the weather how it has been, hot and rainy and extremely humid, that’s the cause. I have every window open in the house-so the air is circulating. Today I cleaned most of it with bleach and water. I just hope that it stays away. Would central air work for future summers?

Note from us: This is a difficult situation. Whatever you do, do not use bleach! The water in the bleach solution can soak into the wood and actually feed the mold spores creating a worse problem. If all else fails, your best best is to use Molderizer and SafeSheild for mold on the wood furniture. These products don’t have bleach and even better yet, are is completely 100% organic and biodegradable. It will kill black mold and other mold species while SafeSheild will prevent it from coming back. The product can clean mold and mildew, but more importantly it is a great shield to protect from future mold and mildew growth.

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