mold smell on carpet..?

there were mold on my carpet a couple week ago and it gave out a really awful smell. after i get rid of the mold with vaccum cleaner, situation turned better. no more mold. but sometimes the awful smell would come back again when i closed up my window. i found no mold on my carpet now, only smell. how can i get rid of the smell without changing my whole set of carpet?

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  1. You might need to change that carpet mold is nothing to play with. Chances are there is a much bigger problem that can be viewed with the naked eye call the professionals.

  2. Have worked in the office for a major carpet cleaning company and have encountered this before. A couple of things you never said, is there padding under the carpet? If so the odor is locked into the padding under the carpet. Also, removing the mold only from the top of the carpet does not remove the mold that is down in the fibers which are laying either on the padding or directly on the floor. When you have your home opened up, windows open, there is enough circulation to "hide or deter" the odor but once you close it up, your nose can tell it. The smell you are detecting is from the mold that you might not see but is still alive and well deep down, thus the smell. Mold is a nasty thing to treat and you should take precautions not to be breathing it in. Do not use bleach since it will discolor your carpet and bleach tears down the fibers of the carpet. Go to a local carpet cleaning company and ask them what they use for mold removal. There are many to choose from but it would be very helpful if you know how you got the mold, food, dampness, etc. Then follow their instructions on how to attack it. Without scaring you, you might have to pull the carpet back, if you have a pad, remove that section of pad, clean the floor underneath with a mild detergent that not only attacks but rids you of the mold and then patch in new pad and relay your carpet. This will not go away by itself and can become a nasty source of many health problems. Determining the source of the mold is your first hurdle and then rely on a dependable established carpet cleaning company. Any responsible cleaning company will be more than happy to not only help you with this but also give you references from their content customers. Good luck to you.

  3. Get some baking soda from the wholesale club should be around $5 for a 12 lb bag.. Sprinkle on carpets and leave overnight.. The smell should be gone.. I do this to my carpets about once a month.. Since I have children/pets.. It’s inexpensive and not harmful it also kills, fleas,dustmites as well as picks up loose dirt and odors… good luck

  4. Try a solution of bleach and water. VERY easy on the bleach, but bleach kills mold. If you kill the mold, you should kill the smell.

    Good luck!

  5. there is an old soap called BORAX it comes in powder form in a box. sprinkle this on carpet and let it stay for about 1 day.
    then just vacumm it up. should take care of the smell!! kills fleas(and thier eggs) and dustmites too!!! hope this helps

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