Moldy Caulking in the Shower?

We live in an apartment and have a serious problem with mold. The caulk in our shower stall grows it constantly. I have tried bleach, the tilex mold and mildew remover, and that scrubbing bubbles daily shower cleaner. No of them seem to work. Short of stripping out the caulk, how can I get rid of the problem?

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4 thoughts on “Moldy Caulking in the Shower?”

  1. Unfortunately, once mold gets into caulking it’s virtually impossible to get rid of it. You will have to re-caulk if you want clean seams. BUT full strength white vinegar is very good at killing mold and I just keep a spray bottle in the shower and spray all surfaces once or twice a week. It’s a little smelly but much better than bleach and it’s environmentally safe. (ps. works like magic on the green algae which forms on decks and patios in winter)

  2. You might have a serious leak through to the wall behind it and your treating it as it comes out, and the big problem is behind it, you might want to get someone to check it out for you.
    Good luck.

  3. Bleach should work. We had a problem with paint peeling and mold. We are just man and wife in a house so we take shorter showers with the bathroom door open. I take showers with warm, not hot water and do not even steam up the mirror. Long, hot showers in a closed in bathroom may be your problem. If you can install a fan to vent the steam in the bathroom that would help. We couldn’t do that. So far our method is working.

  4. there is a bigger problem lurking behind your walls in the shower, I suggest you get the landlord to take a serious look at it. do you have a bathroom fan, to get rid of the moisture build up? Perhaps you need a stronger motor for this, or just leave it running for about 1/2 hour longer after a shower.

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