Moldy interior in used Lexus?

Help just bought used Lexus..with moldy interior?mechanic says car works fine..bought it from private owner & now realised why this college student let it go for so cheap..
He claims granma died ,left it 2 him idk or care i got it for steal then i lifted brand new seat covers n saw black mold all over the cracked seat where majority of cushions exposed it full or stinky mold..i knew it smelled weird..but owner had sprayed the seats down wit mens colonge to try n camoflage the odor..what an A*s..anyways i freaked my sister said it can be fixed..only thng i know of 2 kill mold spores is bleach or lysol..&its in carpet 2 an undr the seats an some of leather in bck!! I killed most w/wettn down with lysol cuz bleach wud mess up evrythng..internet said use color safe bleach havnt tried that yet…&hot water wit vinegar..i tryd car detailers have any kind of mold killer if they shampoo insides? How can i get all black mold and the discolor out front seat cushions where leathers ripped up? Help panickin..i cleaned out about 95% of mold out so far i THINK n keep airing it out daily since i jus found ths a few days ago?
help please

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