23 thoughts on “Moldy Penis?”

  1. im assuming ur NOT circumsized, so u have to work harder than other guys by keeping that thing CLEAN. wash it on the daily. girls wouldnt wanna put their mouth on that. (not trying to be gross or anything, its part of life) keep it clean

  2. Go to the Dr. You probably have an infection from the lack of it being clean properly. If you are having sex with a female with that on your penis, shes going to get an infection…. how gross that would be. Any time you have forskin over the head of your penis then it has to be clean more frequently. If you are at home use a towel to clean your self after going to the bathroom each time. this will cut down on infections.

  3. Try washing it really carefully. Maybe get a toothpick to get it out but be very careful – If nothing works, go to the doctor.

  4. Oh no mold on the penis
    .. .. ..
    Were you in a flood area and in the water of the flood too long
    .. .. ..
    If so you will have to have some mold inspectors out to have you drop your pants aka dewars and to look at the condition to see if it is neat of a couple of skin layer removal to make it safe for interaction usage
    .. … ..
    And for a quick fix you can wrap it in Apple Cider Vinagar for a couple of hours if you want to kill all green mold growring on it
    .. .. ..
    You could wipe some "Right Guard" under arm deodorant to take care of the odor
    .. .. ..
    And be sure to wash the thing when you take a bath next time not just pound it to death
    .. .. …
    Later up the right hand of man next time
    .. .. ..

  5. It’s caused by excessive masturbation and not showering/bathing. I’ve never had the problem of it STAYING but I do wash myself regularly.

    If a chick were to suck on something that you pee out of, then why would it matter if some cotton was stuck up in it? Extra lube?

    That’s all it is… it’s just cotton with penis skin on it…

  6. You may have a fungal infection. If you do this will not go away on it’s own. You need to see a doctor for possible anitbiotic/antifungal medication. They will also probably do a swab of the infection to culture it and see exactly what is growing there.

  7. The smegma produce under the foreskin of uncircumcised men is usually white, not green. If washing regularly does not remove it, I would worry that this is actually the discharge from a case of gonorrhea, which is characteristically green and smelly. But this STD usually also presents with pain on urination and a thick green fluid can be squeesed from the pee tube like toothpaste. Keep an eye on the problem and if it doesn’t clear up soon or you get pain, see a doctor. In the meantime do NOT have sex with anyone.

  8. eww thats mingin
    go to a doctor and try to wash once in a while. maybe its gress stains from last night.

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