My closet has a musty smell and I cannot get rid of it?

I recently bought a very old house. The walls in my closet are plaster. We will re-do the closet soon, but in the meantime, there is a very musty old smell in there. I have tried fabric softener sheets, and potpurri bags. Nothing seems to get rid of the smell and even my clothes smell like a damp basement! How do I get rid of the smell? Should I use cedar? Does that make your clothes smell bad? What do you suggest?

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6 thoughts on “My closet has a musty smell and I cannot get rid of it?”

  1. Hmmm, lots of missing information here. Does the closet share a wall with a bathroom or kitchen? Does it have plumbing running in it? Is there a ground barrier under the house? Sounds like you either have damp walls or mold. What type of floors do you have? If carpeting it may be the problem. If you just bouoght the house and the closet has new paint then they probably bleached out the mold, painted over it with UGL, a water sealer for concrete or maybe Kilz, to cover mold and water stains, then sold it to you without telling you. You should contact your realtor as their realtor should have disclosed it. Good luck.

  2. It could be mold, you shouldn’t be putting your clothes in there. You could get a respiratory infection.

  3. I suggest Fabreeze.If that doesn’t work use Lysol,and if that doesn’t work either I suggest you just take your clothes out the closet.

  4. Your drywall or maybe rugs are moldy…not a healthy situation.
    replacing your drywall with cedar will work. or just new drywall.
    could you have a leaking pipe or roof thats caused this?

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