my hermit crab tank is starting to stink!?

its really starting to smell bad in there, and i dont know why. 2 of my hermits are possibly molting, but its not a chemicaly smell or anything. its more of a musty/moldy/fishy smell that is stinking up my whole room. any idea of what’s causing this? and any ways to get rid of smell?

also, as i mentioned before, i cant really do a whole tank clean-up becasue of my molting hermit crabs, so an idea that doesnt require an entire clean-up would be nice…

and also i dont think its overheating, because the temp is at 78~80ish F

im positive their not dead, because the 2 that arent molting are still moving, and the places the ones that possibly are molting dont smell at all. its just an overall smell im getting from the tank.

could it be the new sheet moss (non toxic) i put in a few days ago? and i have seen some mold starting to develop on some of the driftwood i put in, could the smell also be that? and any ways i can get rid of mold?

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