removing mold from memory foam mattresses?

Me and my Husband used to run a humidifier in our room until recently. We turned over our mattress which is memory foam and it had mold all over the bottom! I need help on how to get rid of it, the covering around it has been covered in mold also, i washed the covering but it seems to be stained badly. Please help. Many people say to sit everything in the sun outside but I live in a small apartment in Japan we have no where to lay the mattress in the sun.

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  1. you wont get rid of it. even if you clean it the mycotoxins are still going to remain. and those microscopic particles are major health hazards. i lived in an aprtment that had mold in teh attick from a roof leak. the mold wasent that bad. but i suddenly got sick one day with some heart issues. i have since moved out and have ben bedridden with an illness called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. google it if you want to know what it is. its complicated. i have ben bedriden for two years now. and its all because of ordinary everyday mold. and this mold was in the attick i wasnet sleepign on top of it. i would strangly sugjest you just throw that thing out. even if you bleach it you wont kill the mold spores. mold is like natures cancer. the odds are against you.

  2. Sponge it down with a mixture of carpet cleaning shampoo and white vinegar.
    Add about half an egg cup of white vinegar to a mixture of about 7 litres of shampoo and water mix.
    You will need to wash out the cover afterwards to get rid of the vinegar smell and i’m not sure how you would get it out of the foam, but probably by sponging again with the shampoo minus the vinegar.

  3. I would try spraying on Baking Soda solution and leaving it for a few minutes.

    Lemon juice may also do it.

    If you can, I’d try wiping a small area with a bleach soaked cloth if the foam is degraded stop!

    As the mold is an airborne spore you will have to watch for it returning especially in the next few weeks.

    Personally I have found bleach the most successful solution.

  4. I would strongly suggest you listen to what "hacker40" has said….Google the condition…and check it out.
    Health issues are worth more than the cost of a new mattress.

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