Sinus infection due to mold? Help!!?

I’ve had a sinus infection since January, and I got amoxicillin, but that didn’t work. Two weeks later, I got a new medication that was supposed to work (and the side affects were terrible!) and worked a little. But it never left.

Between January 10th and Febuary 2nd I was exposed to a mold in the fridge in my agricultural fridge. I told my ecology teacher that, and she said that I might have a mold infection in my sinuses. Is that true? I read about it, and the only way to get rid of it is to get surgery… And how fast would I need to get the surgery if that’s the case? I’m getting oral surgery on Wendsday, and I get tested on Monday for the mold… So what to do…


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  1. Sinus infections are difficult to be rid of and surgery does help.Chronic sinusitis needs atleast 2x daily warm saline rinses, try McNeil Sinus rinse from Walmart, plus it has extensive information about sinusitis and pictures in the box. Most common fungal infection is aspergillus. I hope you don’t have this, although, you would be very ill if you did. And your immune system would be out of whack. If your sinus sx continue,see an immunologist, Chronic sinus symptoms can be clues to other illnesses, ie, Cystic Fibrosis. Antibiotics won’t treat common sinus infections without the saline rinses and long courses of antibiotics, which then allows for secondary infection of molds/fungi, but these are everywhere. A healthy immune system would expel the mold. Aggressive treatment for sinusitis is the best for clearance once and for all, esp if this is the first one in your life. Cont to see dentist for dental care is helpful also. Only and ENT doc would determine for sinus surgery after a CT scan is done. or if a fungus ball is seen, these are slow growing molds and are rare. Usually, Cipro is the drug of choice for the sinus infection. and cultures are done by sticking a swab into the nose, gently and deeply, but, sinus cultures are done during the surgery…. Hope you feel better. The saline rinse is weird at first, but the best treatment for sinus and cold symptoms. Also, take Motrin 400-600mg orally if not allergic before your dental appt and it’s helpful for sinus inflammation.

  2. you probably do have a mold infection

    go to your doctor to get a medicine designed to kill that specific mold

  3. You need to see an otolaryngologist, an md who specializes in the problem you have with your sinuses.

    Sinus infections can be difficult to treat, requiring long term antibiotic therapy. A fungus infection would be even more trouble.

  4. I have heard of people getting mold and fungus infections in their sinuses. Surgery then does nothing for it and they are back to square one (plus debt from medical bills). I have heard of sinus rinses using essential oils, but I couldn’t tell you what or where to get them. Good one to Google.

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