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Mold Remediation, Framing Contractor in Oviedo FL 32766

All Phases Drywall is a contractor in Oviedo, FL. For many years we have provided a variety of services including Mold Remediation, Framing Contractor, Water Damage and much more. We have the experience and skill to handle the job with professionalism and courtesy. We stand by the work we do and we strive to put customer satisfaction at the forefront. For a great service in Oviedo, FL, call on All Phases Drywall.

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    Do you recommend insulating the walls when finishing a basement which has had previous mold issues?

    When finishing a basement which has had previous mold issues, do you recommend insulation or no insulation on walls prior to drywall? Thanks!
    We have hopefully corrected the problem with Shockwave. Can mold grow/spread on the insulation if there are any spores which have been missed?

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      Black mold and no money, what do I do?

      I’m very stressed out right now. I just discovered a shower leak that has been going on for God knows how long. I’m not going to use that shower anymore, and let things dry out, but I have what obviously looks like black mold on the wood and area where the leak is at. What do I do, I have no money for this and I’m a female, I can’t remove drywall and all that. You can’t draw blood from a stone.
      Can I just let it dry out, then spray bleach water on it..??

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        I am replacing the dry wall in my bathroom. Upon removing the current dry wall I discovered mold on the backsi?

        I am replacing the dry wall in my bathroom. Upon removing the current dry wall I discovered mold on the backside. I purchased green mold resistant dry wall to install. My question is, seeing that the mold was found on the backside of the previous drywall, is the green nold resistant dry wall installed in a particular way?

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          Do I need to replace wet drywall from an overflowed toilet?

          Our toilet had been running the past couple of days and it got clogged without anyone knowing. Needless to say, we found out it was clogged when water was dripping downstairs from our kitchen light fixtures and ceiling. Do we have to replace the wet drywall? It seems it may have happened to owners before us because there are cracked paint bubbles in the same spot. Also, we live in year round warm climate where mold is a common issue.

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            Mold inside where the window meets the drywall.. obvious crack/leak somewhere in window.. how do I repair?

            Well, our home is only 3 years old and their already is a window in our home where the bottom right side has mold appearing it’s about half an inch where the window meets the drywall (the mold is where the drywall is)

            How do I go about repairing? Do I need to somehow be able to pull the window out to fins where it’s leaking or even replace the window or is it as simple as putting some kind of sealant or something down? This is a brand new home so this is my first time needing to repair anything.. who would I call to fix it if I cannot tackle it? Or would I need a contractor or what?

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