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How to deal with mold in root cellar?

We have an older house (64 yrs old) with a root cellar, with a clay floor/surrounding area.

We have a lot of moisture that comes up there, and when it rains it gets worse (moisture comes up from the floor a bit, as well as from the clay walls). We now have white mold and other molds/mildews starting to brew in the root cellar, and I don’t know what would be best to get rid of it before it becomes a major overhaul. I can’t afford to have some professional company come over and do it for 0 right now, but I know there are some sprays at Home Depot and other stores.

Currently I have a big ‘shop fan’ under there to try and dry it out, with the cellar door open. But that hasn’t done anything in this past month, and it is so humid too….

I was going to put plastic down on the floor, would that help some? What sprays/treatments can I use and where can I get them from?

Thank you!

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