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How to remove mildew from a mattress?

I own a TempurPedic mattress and I recently took the cover off to wash it and I had to lift up the mattress to get the zipper undone. When I unzipped the bottom part of the cover (it is similar to a vinyl material that has holes in it for breathing), I noticed that there are black spots on the mattress (that have grown between the bottom of the mattress and the vinyl cover).

Any thoughts on how to get rid of it? I don’t want to get rid of the mattress – I want to at least try to get rid of the mildew first. The only source that I can think of is that it has been really humid lately.

I have my air purifier running beside it right now and I plan to put Clorox spray (that says it kills mold?). Then perhaps I will vacuum it and use my fabric steamer on it.
Its about 8 inches thick… I haven’t spilled anything on it that I can remember. It is primarily concentrated in the area of the mattress that I sleep on… I plan on contacting the the manufacturer because I believe it is caused by the manufacturer’s impermeable cover (the cover is only vinyl on the bottom and cloth on the top)… this is the only reason I can think of because there is no mildew on the sides or top…

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