Tiny Black Worms living in our Shower PPLLEASE HELLPP!!!@?

In our shower we have this gap under the shower and theres lots of mold ad algae living there.
I don’t know how to get rid of the algae. I tried EVERYTHING to clean the algae. I scrubbed and scrubbed for hours and hours with bleach and the algae and mold wont go. So i just left it and a few weeks later tiny black worms started growing under there there from 2mm-10mm long.

Its really unhygienic and im too scared to clean it because its really gross.

The gap is too small to clean the worms and algae so i tried pouring bleach and then boiling water but that isnt working.


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6 thoughts on “Tiny Black Worms living in our Shower PPLLEASE HELLPP!!!@?”

  1. these worms are the maggots (larvae) of small flies, mostly blind and unharful, that live in wet places… they will keep in appearing because they originally come from the drainers and the sewage systems.. however, u can block this gap using any material like ceramic or Gypsum…

  2. I don’t know about the lenth of these creatures, but it could be mosquitos. Mosquitos lay eggs where they can hatch in water. Stagnant water, to be exact. 1 cup of stagnant water can hold 1,000 mosquito offspring. Sorry to scare you, but as far as what to do about it, I got nothin. Try calling an exterminator of ants, roaches, etc., and they could give you the best advice.

  3. Pests, mildew and algae grow and exist when you don’t have proper drainage of water from your shower. Unfortunately, this is most often due to a cracked, broken or leaking "shower pan". The shower pan lies under the bottom floor or base (acrylic or tile usually) of your shower. This is a repair that must be done once it is damaged or you will have the problems you are experiencing plus more as the moisture spreads and grows and accompanying mold spreads and infiltrates your walls etc. The sooner it is fixed, the less costly it will be.

    Until you can fix it, use a different shower or tub if you have one so that you don’t keep feeding moisture into an area already spreading and growing mold.

    If you are handy, or feel like tackling it yourself, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. A little time consuming and gunky to tear out the bottom if it’s tile or if it is a whole unit, you have to remove the whole shower to get underneath it. The actual pan or liner that is replaced is inexpensive. It’s the labor that you will pay for if you have someone do it.

    If your house is a rental, contact the landlord. A broken shower pan or leaking liner is a maintenance issue and not caused from something you did wrong. It just happens.

    Best of luck.

  4. Need more information. When you say "gap under the shower", do you mean in the floor, underneath the shower, or behind the wall? It sounds to me as though you have a structural problem in your shower, where there is something not sealed properly and there may be a direct connection to the outdoors. You can’t clean this from the inside, and pouring liquids down there only makes it worse. Do you own the house, or is it a rental? If you don’t own, then call the landlord. If you own, then you need to call a qualified plumber to remove the shower and fix it. This could be a serious structural issue and will eventually eat away at your floor.

    Edit: Handyman is correct….whatever you do, don’t try sealing it the way another poster suggested, because all you will be doing is covering up a problem, like putting a bandaid on a skin cancer.

  5. From your desription I can see that you are into real problem. These pests and stubborn black molds are extremely unhygienic. I would suggest you to hire pest control professionals and they’ll suggest you some effective way to remove the molds. Bleach generally works for me.

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