Turns out that the stuff on my hermit crab is white, fuzzy, and growing. It's mold! What do I do?

My hermit has molted, and I spray him every day to give him moisture. I also put a wet towel in his cage. When I saw the mold this morning, I removed the towel and didn’t spray him. How can I get rid of the mold?

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2 thoughts on “Turns out that the stuff on my hermit crab is white, fuzzy, and growing. It's mold! What do I do?”

  1. You can give it a try,the fuzzy mold is a sign that it is in advanced stages, so it is important to isolate him from the others, then do the following,
    To treat mould and fungus spots or infection, gently bathe the hermit crab in approximately one half (1/2) of a teaspoon of aquarium salt(Instant Ocean or Doc Fishwell are the best to a quart/Litre of dechlorinated water., as well as in the saline solution treatment, to put a drop of StressCoat in it, the aloe vera is helpful in aiding recovery.

    But mold on hermit crabs is usually fatal as it gets in the layers of the exoskeleton.

    Do a complete bedding/substrate change, wash all bowls and quarantine container in a aquarium salt/vinigar solution diluted with dechlorinated water.lower your humidity slightly and do not mist make sure you in this case take the shed exoskeleton and put in fresh cuttle bone to replace the calcium he would have gotten from the molted shell, but you want to get rid of everything and start fresh.

    The odds are not good as your crab is vunerable at this time as its soft moist shell can be open to shell disease, black spot, etc at this time, you can give it a try but it may not make it because the mold is usually fatal even to crabs that are not molting

  2. mold is a sign that the tank has too much moisture. take out the crab, change the bedding, clean the tank with a mild bleach solution and make sure to rinse well, put new bedding and the crab back in. mold isn’t going to hurt the crab but it looks gross and could start to smell. maybe instead of spraying him and adding a wet towel you could just get a soaking bowl, one with fresh dechlorinated water and the other with dechlorinated salt water. Thats what i do. and once a week i give my crabs a bath, i put them in a large bucket of dechlorinated salt water (i put in a rock so they can climb out of the water too if they wish) and i have never had a humidity problem or a crab health issue in my tank!

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