What causes a musty smell from a drain?

Just moved into a house last month. A musty smell comes up from the double kitchen sink drains when you pour water down there. There is no garbage disposal. I tried pouring clorox down the drain, it works for a few hours but then the smell comes back. It’s not a very strong smell, but I definitely know its there. There’s no leaks under the sink. I am sure the smell is coming from the drain.

Anyone know what causes this or what I can do to get rid of it? I’m sick of using candles to mask it instead of just treating the problem.

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    4 thoughts on “What causes a musty smell from a drain?”

    1. most answers are right… but if you DO have a P trap and getting that smell… have a garbage disposal installed.. every once in a while my sink does that and I turn on the disposal and throw like 4 trays of ice down it and it goes away.. I do it maybe once or twice a month.

    2. No P trap(or U shaped piece of drain pipe under the sink which hold water in it constantly so that sewer gases cannot get past and up into the room. In the kitchen sinks either redo the plumbing with a p trap added in line or keep the stoppers in the holes in the sink.

    3. it sounds like the sink isn’t equipped with a P-trap that means the smell of the sewer is drifting back up the pipe install a P-trap and that will solve the problem.

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